day 9 – talkin’ on egg shells

Develop the habit of looking twice at household waste before you throw it out. Egg shells, for example. Before they go into the bin, hand the closest child a pencil and let them draw a face on it. TOP TIP: keep a 2B or 4B pencil in the kitchen drawer – if it’s got H on it, don’t let it in the house. Often, you’ll have more than one egg, so kids can draw a clutch of egg people. With different expressions on their faces.

Take the opportunity to explore facial proportions by getting them to study your face. Heads are egg-shaped (pointier at the bottom), and while we’re all different, this is the basic rule of proportion: eyes half-way down, nose half-way between eyes and chin, and mouth half-way between nose and chin. Egg people are cartoon characters so breaking the rules is half the fun.

Expressions: arch eyebrows for surprise, slant down towards nose for anger, slant up towards centre for a question, etc. Try long, thin noses and broad, flat ones, side-on pointy and bulbous ones. You get the idea. Once you have a few egg people, kids are easily prompted to make up a story about them. Why is this one happy? What is the short one surprised about?

Ben Quilty’s YouTube video will help:

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