day 15 – bread faces

Children love to be involved in the preparation of food. They’re also more likely to eat food they have made. This is a fabulous lunch for those times when you lack all enthusiasm and inspiration. Let the kids make face ‘sandwiches’ from healthy ingredients. Each child will need a slice of bread for the face and whatever you can contribute from the fridge and pantry to add facial features.

The most effort you will have to supply involves grating carrot or cheese and cutting up a few things. Kids can do the grating and this is a great opportunity to develop some knife skills.

Here are some suggestions, and you can omit or add to these features:

  • Skin: peanut paste, butter, Vegemite, cottage cheese
  • Hair: grated carrot, grated cheese, shredded zucchini, cheese ‘stalks’
  • Eyes: hard-boiled egg slices, sultanas, olives
  • Cheeks: half cherry tomatoes, banana slices
  • Nose: tiny pickled gherkins, carrot – pointing down or out
  • Mouth: a slice of apple, a small banana
  • Teeth: chunks of cheese and carrot, beans

You will all have fun making these faces and the kids will enjoy eating them. Before they disappear, remember to take a photo of the funny faces, and the funny faces who made them.

Published by Dr Toni Risson

Dr Toni Risson is a storyteller and a cultural historian who has penned everything from children’s picture books to a PhD on the Magic of Lollies. An expert on the Greek cafe phenomenon, Toni curated Meet Me at the Paragon for the State Library of Queensland, and her latest book, Brisbane’s Greek Cafes: A Million Malted Milks, was a finalist in the 2019 Queensland Literary Awards. Having encountered the elegant Paragon Cafe in Katoomba as a child, Toni developed a fascination with silky oak panelling, bevelled mirrors and Art Deco wall lights long before she understood the stories behind Australia's iconic Greek cafe. She continues to document our lost café culture.

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