day 22 – dressing up

A dress-up box is a handy thing. Add to it when you have the opportunity with scarves, old hats, gloves, handbags, belts, small adult garments, and those Cinderella high heels you find in perfect condition in opp-shops because no normal adult fits them. Look for fabrics with good textures and patterns – a chiffon scarf, red satin heels, big jewellery, a small brocade dress, luxurious fabrics like velvet, tulle and sequin-covered stretchy stuff. These make dressing up even more exciting. You’ll soon secure hours of fun.

Dressing up is a great when combined with other activities like face-painting, storytelling, playacting and hosting tea parties. It encourages all sorts of positive values: dress design, recycling (especially if you guys modify things) and the art of putting items of clothing together in an interesting way. It’s good for fine motor skills too – all those bows to tie and buttons to do up.

A bushy, red beard, freckles and tattoos, along with an old fitted sheet and rusty wheel, help turn a tree house into a pirate ship

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