day 31 – wax magic

Everything must seem magical to kids. It’s only because we’re used to them that sunsets and chickens and rainbows don’t blow us away on a daily basis. Here’s a little bit of magic you can orchestrate in the kitchen any time.

You need white paper, a white candle, food colouring or diluted water-based paint and a soft, biggish brush. Get the child to draw an invisible drawing on the paper with the wax candle. Expect to see nothing at all. Now flood coloured water across the drawing gently, using a soft brush. The drawing will appear in white. You could change colour half way though. More magic happens when the two colours merge.

Don’t hang these ones up to dry. To extend the activity try using coloured papers or coloured candles. And there’s always ‘proper’ wax crayons.

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