day 33 – a happy place

Kids love to make and play in cubby houses. Cubbies are small, kid-sized places where children feel a sense of ownership, which is what makes it so special when they invite you in.

The easiest way to make a cubby is to throw a sheet, blanket, curtain or similarly large piece of fabric over the kitchen table. This kind of cubby can be as cosy as you want to make it. Two sheets will make the space even ‘tighter’ and a lace curtain will make it fancier. A rug or towel and some cushions on the floor inside will make it comfortable, like an Arabian tent. Now the scene is set for any amount of fun – pretending, reading a book, telling stories, enjoying a cup of tea or entertaining visitors. Even if only half of your reclining adult body can fit beneath the table, accept the invitation to pop in for a story or a cuppa.

Kids should be part of the clean up: while you fold the sheets, they return cushions and pillows to the place they belong. A few moments and the cubby is gone.

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