day 30 – change the batteries

This is going to sound like the dorkiest game ever. And I can’t explain the attraction. But the kid in our life wants this all the time for as long as I can stand it. It produces silence so you can do it while listening to something/someone else. Great for church or coffee with aContinue reading “day 30 – change the batteries”

day 29 – woodgrain doodle

Doodling is good for you. It’s a kind of mindfulness, I think, or meditation. And best done when you’re not thinking about the drawing. This woodgrain doodle is a good one to start with. It’s something you and a child can do together, even working on opposite sides of the same doodle. Start with aContinue reading “day 29 – woodgrain doodle”

day 28 – let’s have a tea party

A tea party is always fun, and combines well with other fun things like dressing up, making a cubby and cooking. But you don’t need to bake in order to have a tea party. Make a pot of tea. Then fill a small metal teapot with cold water and let children add cold water toContinue reading “day 28 – let’s have a tea party”

day 27 – write a book

It sounds huge, I know, but it’s not really. You can make a simple book from A4 sheets cut in half, then folded in half, and stapled down the back. Fill the book with words and pictures. But with the help of a computer, books can look like the real thing. Making a book isContinue reading “day 27 – write a book”

day 26 – rain sticks rock

Your collection of junk band instruments will benefit from the addition of a rain stick. Most of the items you need will be kicking around the place at some point: the longest cardboard tube you can find and caps for the ends, lots of nails (finding a bottle of rusty screws prompted the making ofContinue reading “day 26 – rain sticks rock”

day 25 – face paint

You knew it was coming. Kids love having their faces painted, maybe because it’s nice having you close, and you can’t go wrong because they don’t see the result. It really doesn’t matter what it looks like. It’s not messy, and even the wrigglers will sit still for quite long periods. I reckon it sendsContinue reading “day 25 – face paint”

day 24 – grow a gardener

This beautiful image is a watercolour by Ipswich artist Annamaria Mays Vermeer. Audrey Hepburn once said, ‘To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow,’ and the same is true of nurturing children. They are the future. What could be a nicer fit, then, than to encourage the gardener in your child? I’m not knownContinue reading “day 24 – grow a gardener”

day 22 – dressing up

A dress-up box is a handy thing. Add to it when you have the opportunity with scarves, old hats, gloves, handbags, belts, small adult garments, and those Cinderella high heels you find in perfect condition in opp-shops because no normal adult fits them. Look for fabrics with good textures and patterns – a chiffon scarf,Continue reading “day 22 – dressing up”

day 21 – let your light shine

Playing with children is about recognising playpotential (new word) in the everyday. Take light, for instance. Light enters your home in different ways at different times of the day and in different seasons. This produces magical effects and impromptu science lessons, even a little Googling, since most of us aren’t physicists. But take the opportunityContinue reading “day 21 – let your light shine”