day 10 – recipe book

Do people have recipe books anymore? I love about mine, even though I don’t use it much, because of the family history recorded there. My grandmother’s Christmas pudding recipe written in her handwriting, another recipe in my mother’s, other favourites written out by friends. The family recipe book is also a great place for somethingContinue reading “day 10 – recipe book”

day 9 – talkin’ on egg shells

Develop the habit of looking twice at household waste before you throw it out. Egg shells, for example. Before they go into the bin, hand the closest child a pencil and let them draw a face on it. TOP TIP: keep a 2B or 4B pencil in the kitchen drawer – if it’s got HContinue reading “day 9 – talkin’ on egg shells”

day 7 – take a break

Easiest activity yet. You just need paper, a pencil or Biro, and maybe coloured pencils or crayons if these are on hand. The immediate benefits are obvious – you get to take it easy. Other long-term effects you will appreciate as the years go by. Simply ask your youngster/s to draw YOU. The space isContinue reading “day 7 – take a break”

day 6 – yard kids

This one’s a bit like the chalk bodies on the kitchen floor, except kids lie outside on the dirt (they’ll dust off) and you draw around them with a twig. Or they draw around each other. Then comes the fun bit. Embellish the yard kid with leaves for patterned shirts, tufts of grass for hair,Continue reading “day 6 – yard kids”

day 5 – wash the car

Car need washing? Engaging with kids is about way more than games and craft activities. Involve them in everyday jobs because kids like to help, and they love being with you. Fresh air is especially welcome just now so why not find a shady spot and wash the car. Play clothes or togs, empty plasticContinue reading “day 5 – wash the car”

day 4 – making play dough

My philosophy on playing with children includes this: preparation and cleaning up is part of the fun. Don’t do it all yourself. Play dough is a great resource to have on hand, and making your own is a good idea. Children will LOVE making it with you. And they can, even the small ones. ApartContinue reading “day 4 – making play dough”

day 3 – chalk the floor

Your kitchen floor will look like a crime scene but kids love this one, and clean-up is easy. You need a stick of chalk. Get down on the floor with the kids. Draw around the child’s body, moving carefully around fingers and toes, and taking your tickly time with armpits and other sensitive spots. AlthoughContinue reading “day 3 – chalk the floor”

day 2 – a bubbly time

This is a wet activity so set up in an appropriate place, even outside. If necessary put down newspaper or an old towel. Grab a handful of pegs and rig up a makeshift clothesline, something like a cord strung between kitchen chairs. Preparation is part of any activity so don’t do this by yourself. AlwaysContinue reading “day 2 – a bubbly time”

day 1 – making paper people

Remember paper dolls? Grab a sheet of paper from the recycle pile beside your computer. Cut it in half so it’s about A5 size and make a concertina fold in four or six even sections. Small children will need help with this but if it’s a bit messy that doesn’t matter – kids learn fromContinue reading “day 1 – making paper people”