how to play with kids

day 40 – stamp album

In this time of social isolation some old school things, it turns out, are still pretty cool. Once upon a time kids used to do things you may not have even heard of, things like catching tadpoles and making mud pies, playing marbles, building cubbies and collecting stamps. There was a time when most kidsContinue reading “day 40 – stamp album”

day 36 – treasure box

When everyone’s patience has worn thin, or for a special treat, let the child pull out ‘the treasure box’. Part of the allure of the treasure box is that it doesn’t come out very often. Its other appeal is that it’s filled with mysterious, quirky things that belong nowhere else. These are small things, thingsContinue reading “day 36 – treasure box”

day 31 – wax magic

Everything must seem magical to kids. It’s only because we’re used to them that sunsets and chickens and rainbows don’t blow us away on a daily basis. Here’s a little bit of magic you can orchestrate in the kitchen any time. You need white paper, a white candle, food colouring or diluted water-based paint andContinue reading “day 31 – wax magic”


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