day 15 – bread faces

Children love to be involved in the preparation of food. They’re also more likely to eat food they have made. This is a fabulous lunch for those times when you lack all enthusiasm and inspiration. Let the kids make face ‘sandwiches’ from healthy ingredients. Each child will need a slice of bread for the faceContinue reading “day 15 – bread faces”

day 12 – play dough beetles

An earlier blog includes an easy recipe for play dough. This is a great standby and will keep in the fridge for months. You’ll enjoy this activity as much as the kids, even while you are cooking, especially if kids can sit on a stool at the kitchen bench. That $34 stool I bought atContinue reading “day 12 – play dough beetles”

day 10 – recipe book

Do people have recipe books anymore? I love about mine, even though I don’t use it much, because of the family history recorded there. My grandmother’s Christmas pudding recipe written in her handwriting, another recipe in my mother’s, other favourites written out by friends. The family recipe book is also a great place for somethingContinue reading “day 10 – recipe book”

day 4 – making play dough

My philosophy on playing with children includes this: preparation and cleaning up is part of the fun. Don’t do it all yourself. Play dough is a great resource to have on hand, and making your own is a good idea. Children will LOVE making it with you. And they can, even the small ones. ApartContinue reading “day 4 – making play dough”