day 26 – rain sticks rock

Your collection of junk band instruments will benefit from the addition of a rain stick. Most of the items you need will be kicking around the place at some point: the longest cardboard tube you can find and caps for the ends, lots of nails (finding a bottle of rusty screws prompted the making ofContinue reading “day 26 – rain sticks rock”

day 25 – face paint

You knew it was coming. Kids love having their faces painted, maybe because it’s nice having you close, and you can’t go wrong because they don’t see the result. It really doesn’t matter what it looks like. It’s not messy, and even the wrigglers will sit still for quite long periods. I reckon it sendsContinue reading “day 25 – face paint”

day 1 – making paper people

Remember paper dolls? Grab a sheet of paper from the recycle pile beside your computer. Cut it in half so it’s about A5 size and make a concertina fold in four or six even sections. Small children will need help with this but if it’s a bit messy that doesn’t matter – kids learn fromContinue reading “day 1 – making paper people”