day 37 – shadow play

Shadows are great, and spontaneous shadow fun can erupt in lots of places almost anytime. With the help of a bed lamp, or a torch if you’re camping, your hands can make shadow animals on the wall. This was a popular activity before the advent of electric light so look for old illustrations to giveContinue reading “day 37 – shadow play”

day 27 – write a book

It sounds huge, I know, but it’s not really. You can make a simple book from A4 sheets cut in half, then folded in half, and stapled down the back. Fill the book with words and pictures. But with the help of a computer, books can look like the real thing. Making a book isContinue reading “day 27 – write a book”

day 10 – recipe book

Do people have recipe books anymore? I love about mine, even though I don’t use it much, because of the family history recorded there. My grandmother’s Christmas pudding recipe written in her handwriting, another recipe in my mother’s, other favourites written out by friends. The family recipe book is also a great place for somethingContinue reading “day 10 – recipe book”

day 7 – take a break

Easiest activity yet. You just need paper, a pencil or Biro, and maybe coloured pencils or crayons if these are on hand. The immediate benefits are obvious – you get to take it easy. Other long-term effects you will appreciate as the years go by. Simply ask your youngster/s to draw YOU. The space isContinue reading “day 7 – take a break”