day 36 – treasure box

When everyone’s patience has worn thin, or for a special treat, let the child pull out ‘the treasure box’. Part of the allure of the treasure box is that it doesn’t come out very often. Its other appeal is that it’s filled with mysterious, quirky things that belong nowhere else. These are small things, thingsContinue reading “day 36 – treasure box”

day 25 – face paint

You knew it was coming. Kids love having their faces painted, maybe because it’s nice having you close, and you can’t go wrong because they don’t see the result. It really doesn’t matter what it looks like. It’s not messy, and even the wrigglers will sit still for quite long periods. I reckon it sendsContinue reading “day 25 – face paint”

day 20 – the story light

Human beings love stories – it’s in our DNA – and we never get tired of hearing them. Kids ask for the same story fifty times right? In fact, knowing what comes next is what they like best. Take every opportunity to read to your kids – hope you do the funny voices thing –Continue reading “day 20 – the story light”