How to explain that oxygen is not the only gas to the kids

Our Air contains several components and oxygen is just one of them…

I already sound like scientist, right?
And you almost stopped reading, right?

So that’s not the way to explain it to your kids.

This is the way:

Thanks to Watch a scientist make a cloud with Jimmy Fallon Kevin Delaney Lucy Liu for sharing this.

How cool is that! ;-)

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Minions get their own movie!

The kids already can’t wait. Can you? ;-)

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Home made gift for grandma

A simple yet very cool home made gift you can make with your kids at home for grandma. No special ingredients required.

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How to explain to the kids how are planets born

Kids have all sorts of questions, some more tricky than others. Such as…. how are the planets born?
Let’s face it, I am not a space scientist and most probably neither are you.
So let’s trust the experts on this one ;-)
This article about a recent discovery (with big thanks to technology) should get you there. And a picture is worth a thousand words so make sure to have your kids have a look at the picture before you start the talking.

Read the full article here

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Did you know this?

We have all been taught that Earth is circling the Sun but very few people in the world realize that’s actually not true. Earth is NOT circling the Sun. It is spiraling around it. I know, I know. Now you want me to prove it ;-) And while I will, imagine explaining this to your kids ;-) Could be pretty tough, especially when the attention span of small kids is around 34 seconds…
So, here is a bit of help. Watch the video and enjoy learning something new.

And now one step further. Sun is also spiraling! Why? Because far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Galaxy spirals a small unregarded yellow sun. Around the center of the Galaxy. And that Galaxy is traveling from the center of the universe. Nice video, wasn’t it?

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The number one biggest problem when it comes to how to play with kids

Research shows that the biggest problem might be you – the parent.

The best gift for our children is LOVE. In their own world love is spelled is TIME.

It keeps coming back. Research after research, article after article, wherever I look.
I know you are busy, my days are just as short as yours. But please, find the time.

Be there with them.
Be there for them.
Be there every time they need you.
Be there every time they want to show you they found a ladybug.
Be there every time they need a hug.
Be there every evening to say sweet dreams.

Find the time and be there. Be there even when you don’t know how to play with them. I’m sure you will figure out something and if not, they will. In the end they are just as smart as you are and – unlike us – they don’t have any creativity limits.

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Though this is for bigger kids…

Do you know this guy?
Richard Feynman
To some extent he has been a master when it comes to how to play with kids.
Even though here we are talking about slightly older kids.
It depends though on how you define a child.
Someone younger than you? Someone who can call you a dad or mom? Someone who can learn from you? Someone between 0 and 16 years of age? Someone eager to learn whatever their age is or someone willing to try even though they know they might fail?

This gentlemen was a master. And in a few ways I will always feel like a child. So if you want to learn or let your kids learn interesting stuff in a slightly different way, now you can – as they mentioned here – do it for free. And I’m pretty sure you and they will reap all the benefits. So happy learning from a great teacher Richard Feynman at !

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This one is actually misnamed ;-)

It’s called starfall but as far as I am concerned it should be named star rise or something along that line. is a nice website to help your children to read (in English). Now if that has anything with falling… ;-) Reading is a basic skill opening a completely new horizon for your child. And every time the moment a preschool child can read I think a star is born ;-)

Check it out at

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What a Mess

If you think you see a mess in the room of your child, you might just mistake a higher level order you do not understand for a mess. It might take time until you understand it but you can already get used to it now. :-)

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More than 25 tips which will improve your life

There are actually 26 of them ;-) A few of these tips might be common sense but you will find some of them to be really life changing.
Read them all and let us know which one was the one you liked the most, you needed the most or are already using it with great success!

If you just want to get the one related to your kids and to save time, just skip to tip number 21.
Thanks to Kenneth Dunstan Kundaya for sharing them with us!

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